The starting point for lawn maintenance is our regularly scheduled mowing, edging, blowing.  This is usually done every 7-10 days for Fescue, Bermuda, Zoysia, and Saint Augustine grass types.  14-day service intervals are available for Centipede grass and lawns that are a mix of turfgrass and weeds.

At each service occasion, the turf grass is mowed at the correct height with a rotary mower (no reel mowers).  Fescue is always mowed higher, usually 3-4 inches.  Bermuda and Zoysia can be cut higher or lower, depending on customer preferences.  Cutting Bermuda or Zoysia shorter requires a more frequent service interval and more often smaller mowing equipment.

We use mowing equipment that ranges from commercial riding and walk-behind mowers to small-size mowers, depending on the property needs.  We try to use the largest, most economical equipment possible so we can offer the customer the best price possible.  However, some yards, due to terrain, cutting height, moisture, or other factors, require the use of smaller equipment.  As a general rule, Bermuda and Zoysia are more likely to require smaller mowing machines, especially on uneven terrain.

When the lawn is mowed, the clippings are mulched back into the grass.  This allows the grass to retain the nutrients from the grass clippings and will keep the grass healthier.   Our commercial grade equipment is very good at mulching up the grass clippings.  If we need to, we will run over the grass a second time with the mowers to mulch any clippings that persist after the first pass.  As long as the grass is cut often enough, there will be no clippings visible on the surface of the lawn.

While one of our staff is mowing, the other usually begins edging.  We use metal blade edgers and string trimmers, depending on the situation.  All areas bordering the grass, including concrete driveways, walkways, and patios, are edged, as are borders with mulch or pinestraw.  Also, ground covers, such as ivy, that border the grass are also edged.

After finishing the mowing and edging, the crew will blow all concrete areas, including driveways, walkways, and patios.  The grass areas are also blown of debris.  In the autumn, primarily October, November, and December, the hardwood trees drop their leaves.  During this time, we blow the leaves off the grass and concrete areas into natural areas.  We often will use our mowing equipment to mulch the leaves before blowing them to the forest areas to reduce the volume of leaf debris.  We also blow the leaves from the beds and landscaped areas during the fall and winter.  By mid-winter, all of the leaves would be removed from these areas also.

During the winter after the leaves have been blown and mulched, we turn our attention to cutting back the plants that require pruning at this time.  This would include liriope or monkey grass, crape myrtles, hydrangeas, butterfly bushes, canna lilies, day lilies, roses, pampas and other ornamental grasses, camellia sasanquas, hosta, and other perennials. (See our blog pages for more information).

 In addition to the mowing, edging, and blowing, we can customize your service to include any other details that are specific to your yard.  This can include removal of sticks and pinecones, magnolia leaves, hand-weeding garden areas, or any other maintenance details.