Pruning the bushes on a regular schedule during the growing season (April-October) will enhance the appearance of your property.  Generally, the hedge-like bushes (such as hollys of all kinds) are trimmed regularly and the more natural-shaped bushes (such as azaleas, rhododendrons) are trimmed occasionally or not at all.  Flowering shrubs are usually trimmed at the correct time as to not disrupt the flowering cycle, generally after they have bloomed.

The trimming schedule can range from each time that the lawn is serviced to one trimming per year.  However, we usually trim bushes 3 or 4 times per year.

As a general rule, the more often the bushes are trimmed, the less cost per trimming, although the overall yearly cost of trimming is higher the more often that the bushes are trimmed.  We can provide an estimate for several different trimming schedules and you can select whatever best meets your needs.

Also, a detailed customized plan can be developed for your bushes that can call for trimming specific bushes at specific times of the year, depending on the property needs.