Proper care of the grass will give the lawn a neat, attractive appearance. However, pinestraw or mulch can give the landscaped areas that finished look that makes your property stand out.

Our pinestraw vendor supplies us with high quality standard pinestraw year-round.  It has great color and is free of sticks, pinecones, and other debris.  Long needle pinestraw is sometimes available at a slightly higher cost ($0.50-$1.00/bale), and has a superior appearance, color, and texture.  The pinestraw is “rolled and tucked” to give it that finished appearance.

We also offer all different types of premium-quality mulches, including pine bark nuggets, mini-nuggets, cypress mulch, hardwood mulch, and colored mulches such as black, brown, and red.  Also, our supplier offers a premium quality cypress mulch for playsets called Play-Safe Cypress Mulch.  It is soft on the feet and free of chemical dyes and other substances which are not suitable for play areas.  We generally supply mulch in bulk form due to the superior quality.

With pinestraw and mulch, timing is everything.  Most residential properties have leaves falling in the late autumn, which tends to cover and ruin the appearance of pinestraw and mulch.  The best time of year for mulching is the winter, January or February, after the leaves have fallen and have been cleaned up.  The worst time would be October or November.  The only exception to this would be yards that have no leaves in the fall.  For yards that require a second mulching or pinestraw per year, we recommend mid-summer, such as June-July.