Nothing can add curb appeal to your house like a healthy, green weed-free stand of turfgrass.  We offer a yearly plan of 8 applications to maintain your turf.

Fescue is fertilized 6 times per year and lime is applied twice.  Bermuda and Zoysia are fertilized 7 times per year and lime is applied once.  Different fertilizers are applied at different times of the year, depending on the grass type.  We use only granular fertilizer, which provides a more even feeding for your turf.

After the turf is fertilized with the appropriate nutrients, any weeds are sprayed with the proper weed control product.  Since there are different weed types, we utilize different weed control products for each type.

Broadleaf weeds can usually be eliminated with 1 or 2 treatments of a broadleaf weed control product.  Grassy weeds are more persistent but we spray those until eliminated.  We have special products that are used to control nutgrass or nutsedge, goosegrass, and crabgrass in all grass types, and poa annua, or annual bluegrass, in Bermuda and Zoysia.  In fescue, we also use Roundup to eliminate persistent weeds before the aerating and seeding is done in September. 

We take pesticide safety very seriously.  After the treatment is done, there will be a posting sign near the street and mailbox, and a door hanger on the front door in a plastic bag letting you know that a treatment has been done.  It is best to keep any humans or pets off the lawn for 24 hours.  Also, when we are spraying weeds, we spot-spray rather than blanket the yard with weed control products.  We only spray post-emergent herbicides if we see weeds.  This approach effectively controls weeds yet uses a minimum amount of chemicals.