Natural area weed control is a service that can be performed in conjunction with our mowing, edging, and blowing service.  We utilize chemical, mechanical, and/or manual weed control strategies, depending on the needs of the property.  We can eliminate weeds from pine islands, flower beds, ground covers such as ivy or junipers, forest areas, or any area that has unwanted plant growth.

First, we try to use a small amount of glyphosate (Roundup), a non-selective herbicide, to kill unwanted weed growth in the non-grassy areas.  While this can take up to 10-14 days to kill the weeds, this approach kills the entire root by starving the weed and it will not return.  Because of the small amounts of chemical used, we can safely spray within a few inches of other landscape plants.

Sometimes, weeds occur within or close to desirable landscape plants, which could be injured or killed if the nearby weeds were sprayed.  In such cases, we need to use a string trimmer to cut down the weeds or remove them by hand.  In such cases, the weeds can return if the root remains and will need to be cut down or removed again at a future time.  Also, some of our customers prefer that we do not use chemicals to kill weeds.  We can use manual weed control strategies in these cases also.

As a general rule, the additional cost of weeding is dependent on whether the weeds must be controlled primarily through spraying or hand-weeding.  The additional cost of weed spraying is nominal, but hand-weeding can be very labor-intensive and can drive the cost up considerably, depending on the size of the areas involved.